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16 years of service in Strathmore, 30 years of experience

Here at Strathmore Vacuum, we know the value of shopping local.  We have been supporting and serving Strathmore and area for 16 years.  We specialize in service, maintenance, and rebuilding older models that are known for their power and reliability.


Home installations of Central Systems, and accessories, including piping, inlet doors, vac-pans, hoses, etc.

In home Service Calls.

Parts, & attachments

Why buy new?  Bring in your older vacuum for Maintenance, repairs, or rebuild.  You'll have a better, longer lasting machine, without adding to the landfill.

We carry a wide variety of parts and attachments to suit all your needs.

Central systems
Uprights, and Canisters
Power Heads & Hoses
Bags, Belts & Filters

Sale, and repair of Central Systems, including motor Replacement, and retrofitting for bags.

We carry and service a wide variety of new, used, and rebuilt upright and canister style vacuums to suit your household/commercial needs.

Many types of power heads and hoses available.  We do repairs/rebuilds on these as well.

Belts, Bags, and Filters.  If you need it, we've got it!

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